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Re: Does It Get Better???

Coda was one of my favorites. I hadn't see that particular take on death before or since. I also thought it was kind of ballsy of them to knock new age beliefs (emphasis on "kind of"). There's no numinous white light, no reincarnation, no atheistic oblivion, no heaven... you're just a captive and a food source to a more powerful creature.

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What is the point of this time loop? Its not real and its all just in Janeway's head.
Does it matter as long as the audience is taken along for the ride? I know I was drawn in.

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The story is supposed to be about...I don't know, Janeway fighting death?
It's about Janeway in a mental face-off with an alien. We find out how strong her determination and sense of self are.

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Then why all this distracting crap about time travel?
The alien had to keep starting over when Janeway wouldn't give in. That was another thing I liked about this episode. It started off looking like time travel, but then it surprised me.

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Let's throw in some imaginary Vidiians. Why?
Janeway's own memories were being used to the alien's advantage. The Vidiians were a recurring threat, Janeway must have feared them.

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Janeway is making up a memorial service in her head about how much everyone loves her. How egotistical can you get?
Granted, that was egotistical, but it fit with the image of a Starfleet captain. I can't see any of the other captains fretting about whether they were liked, or expecting anything less than a moving memorial service.
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