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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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The two movies, other than being about Superman, have virtually nothing in common. So there's no reason why to think the previous movie would have any impact on this one.

I mean, you didn't judge "Batman Returns" based on what "Batman and Robin" was like, did you?
That would have been difficult, given that Returns came out 5 years earlier.

(Yeah, I know you mean Batman Begins)


Anyway, the point still stands. Judging one movie based on the failings of the previous series' creative team is... odd.

There's probably countless examples we can call on to use where a series of movies had a "reboot" or a new creative angle taken. Look at the Bond movies. Is it fair to judge the first Daniel Craig movie based on the last Pierce Brosnan movie? Both have very different takes and looks at the character and there's a strong change of tone between the two. (The Brosnan movies went extreme action movie camp, the Craig movies went back to gritty spy action stuff.)

The "Spider-Man" reboot is taking a different approach.

The previous "Hulk" movie was a different take than the one that came out a few years before.

2009's "Star Trek" was a different take than the last batch of movies (both from TNG and TOS.)

If you think Hollywood is bankrupt for ideas (which in of itself is a shaky place to stand, as there's still been plenty of movies that have came out to show otherwise) that's one thing. But it's not fair to judge a movie that is starting it's own thing based on it's predecessor.

Superman Returns was tying into the Donner movie(s) and partly inspired by them. "Man of Steel" is starting it's own path with no ties to any of the previous movies. Now, it may be worse than Returns (which I sort of like, but know it has flaws) but it's not fair to judge it simply because the last movie sucked. The two have nothing in common other than the main character and the studio(s) involved. Casting, creative staff, all of that is different. Hell, it wouldn't have been fair to judge Returns on the Superman IV abortion of a movie and you may hate Returns to the ends of the Earth but it was not worse than Superman IV.

As for Hollywood being bankrupt for ideas, a lot of crap coming out, doesn't wash with me. If you were to look at the releases over time you'd see there was a lot of crap that came out in the 50s, 60s and 70s. A lot, but only the good stuff survived so we think higher of that time. Right now we're seeing everything.

In 10-20 years it'll be different, we'll have forgotten about all of the crap and only remember the good stuff.
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