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Has there ever been a cast of Power Rangers you were not too fond of?

I am going to just throw this out here, but I was disappointed when MMPR had its first major cast change in the middle of its 2nd season way back in 1994.

Sure, Jason David Frank as Tommy was more than capable of taking on the lead role once Austin St. John as Jason was let go, but I really felt that Steve Cardenas as Rocky could not live up to his predecessor's Red Ranger role (He really felt just a dime a dozen.) and Karan Ashley's Aisha -- although her acting was better than her predecessor's -- just didn't have that certain something that drew her to the audience.

Johnny Yong Bosch as Adam was at least as popular as Walter Jones's Zack, which was quite a surprise because Zack was tough to beat and both characters are not at all alike.

Amy Jo Johnson as Kimberly was obviously has more a fan following than Catherine Sutherland's Kat (Although, she was a lot better on "Zeo.").

David Yost as Billy remained to continue to receive a paycheck, although he proved to be quite likable as a continuing supporting character.

The original MMPR 5 + Jason David Frank as the Green Ranger had that certain "something" that all other casts lacked. The later casts just didn't draw you in like the originals.
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