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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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I didn't like superman returns and I don't think Hollywood has any new ideas. Sorry if I offended folks' sensibilities here, but when it is my money buying the movie ticket, I reserve the right to like what I like. And in the last few years, Hollywood hasn't had anything good; to say it's "nostalgia" is to maintain the "always has been always will be" mindset.

So with that, I will step out of this thread; if I wanted to get jumped for stating my honest opinion, I'd go sign up on a video gamers' forum.
Its called discussion and debate. Disagreement is not "jumped". If all you're looking for is people who will agree with you, you're in the wrong place.

Thing is "always has been always will be" is true in Hollywood and any other creative environment. Product will vary in quality and most of what is produced will not be that good or memorable. That will never change.
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