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Re: Does It Get Better???

Alter Ego: A fun episode that nicely explores Tuvok and Kim. I do think that Kim acted very childish, but that was actually part of what made his scenes so funny. At the end of the episode I think that Kim should have been the one to apologize to Tuvok, not the other way around. Tuvok did not act inappropriately, so I see no reason why he should have apologized to Kim.

Coda: This was a very moving episode. In particular, I found the memorial scene to be very emotional and powerful. The beginning of the episode was also full of twists and turns and lots of excitement. The outcome of this episode wasn't as predictable as the outcome in Resolutions, so on the whole I don't really have any complaints about this episode.

A couple comments on the show as a whole so far:
-Garrett Wang can't act to save his life. Fortunately his character is written as a naive little child, so his bad acting can actually be pretty entertaining at times (and at other times it can completely ruin scenes).
-The writers REALLY need to get their act together. If it weren't for the terrific cast (with the exception of Wang) I don't think I would be enjoying this show very much. As it is right now I am only partially enjoying it. Season 2 was great, but season 1 was a big let down, and so far season 3 hasn't been mind blowingly good.
-On the topic of acting, so far I have been most impressed with the actors who play The Doctor, B'Elanna, Tom Paris, Neelix, Tuvok, and Janeway. They've consistently given great performances, even when the script is horrendous. Chakotay and Kes have just been okay in my book and as I said I can't stand Kim.
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