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Re: Before Dishonour....seriously?!

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No one's saying it's wrong to destroy a Borg cube that is actively attacking the Federation, especially if Starfleet has no alternative.

But there's a HUGE difference between killing in self defense and hunting down and exterminating everyone who wants harm to befall you.
What about a cube that is preparing to destroy/destroying another civilisation - let's say, in the delta quadrant (a fact of which you are certain)?

Is it off-limits simply because it's not you the one doing the dying, Elias Vaughn?
A foreign policy involving the projection of force against every threatening civilization known to exist in the galaxy isn't the most sustainable of foreign policies. Should the Federation have also declared war against Cardassia with the aim of liberating Bajor and the other planets conquered by the Union, against Romulus for the sake of the Kevratans, against the Klingons ... ?

Things become even more complicated, since the virus was was expected to have a genocidal effect on the Borg. Doing that sort of thing could have all manner of potentially catastrophic consequences for the Federation. Would it count as a metaweapon?

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The federation - and THOUSANDS OF CIVILISATIONS before it - could not even stop the borg in military combat, and the federation is supposed to achieve the FAR more difficult task of liberating the drones?
Working within the limits of what they knew about the Borg, the crew of the Enterprise-D was already familiar with the possibilities behind liberating drones. The liberation of captive drones later proved to be a useful tactic, as Voyager demonstrated on multiple occasions with Seven of Nine and Unimatrix Zero.

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If a hypothetical slave army of an enemy empire was engaged in a mission consisting of the ongoing genocide of millions, and you - hypothetically - had the means to kill every last slave soldier, thereby saving millions of future victims, but didn't have any other way to stop this enemy army from its genocidal campaign (such as killing only a part of the enemy army or incapacitating it),
Then you act in self-defence/state of necessity when killing every last slave soldier of this enemy army.

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For Picard's decision from 'I, borg' to be even half-way reasonable, Picard must be considered as having assumed that the paradox virus could be used against the borg at an ulterior date. As such, Picard could have concluded that the decision to use the virus should be made by politicians or even the federation via a referendum, not by a mere starship captain.
There's a case to be made for that. If the Federation deployed the virus, infecting the Borg computer networks with a program that would kill trillions of beings across the galaxy, that would come perilously close in effect to the deployment of a metaweapon. How would the Federation's enemies, even its friends, react to something on this scale?

All this assumes that the virus would have worked as Laforge and Data had expected, that it would be capable of destroying the Borg. This may be a stretch: the virus was only deployed against the Borg supercube, which was destroyed, but the attached Frankenstein somehow escaped infection. Would the actual Borg Collective been more resistant? Might a failed attack with the virus have led to the events of Destiny two decades early?
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