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Re: When did the Ferengi go from "serious" villains to just comic reli

The Overlord wrote: View Post
Well Ultra capitalists can make good villains, Lex Luthor is Superman's arch nemesis and he is just a corporate tycoon.
But he was reimagined that way. Luthor started off as a small-town scientist type. The corporate tycoon Luthor, and then politician-type, was part of a huge overhaul of the "Superman" titles.

MikeS wrote: View Post
It was suggested that they ate another species, their "associatiates". This makes them untrustworthy, not cannibalistic.
A humanoid species eats (presumably humanoid) former business associates. How is that not a hint that they may be cannibals? (Broadening "cannibal" to all humanoid species here, not just fellow Ferengi.) I assume it's meant to be a wry dig at corporations consuming their rivals.
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