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Re: Sign in the new petition for Bring Back Janeway, please!

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I haven't ATTACKED anyone. I didn't aim it at you personally. I was speaking in general about people's posts on this thread and threads to do with bringing KJ back.
But you addressed the issue of flaming in a reply to a post involving a quoted discussion between Killandra and Therin of Andor, neither of whom had flamed you. We did question the validity of your previous statement that Elvis didn't write his own songs, and we were curious as to just who you were accusing of flaming.

No one makes a mockery of opinions that are backed up by facts. I would say that we all have "difficulty wording things" when it comes to controversial topics about which we are passionate. Debating contentious topics is hard work.

Well if I had better language skills maybe I could word it so people understand, but I don't.
The general rule of thumb would be that if you make a sweeping statement, have some solid facts to back it up. We can all have opinions, and are entitled/encouraged to share them - but if we are using our personal opinions in a debate, they need to be informed opinions. This is where a few Janeway supporters (and even myself) have come unraveled when discussing the post-Janeway VOY novels in this thread, because if you haven't read them all, you don't have an informed opinion on their content or style.
Well it wasn't my intention to address it to anyone in particular, I apologize if it came across that way, i thought you quote it to keep it fresh so people don't have to flick through the whole thread.

When threads are made like this I thought people who signed the petition would be discussing how to get more signatures and how to promote the cause.
Capt. Jaysee: Apology accepted. I apologize if I came off a bit cross in my reply, but I was upset and offended how your statements originally came across. Let's just move on and forget this incident, eh?

Therin of Andor: Once again in the short time I've been active here, I'm impressed with your candor and brilliance.
"Listen to me very carefully because I'm only going to say this once. Coffee. Black."-Kathryn Janeway
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