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Re: F1 2012 Championship Thread

In latest F1 news, The European GP is in doubt as they are asking a reduction in the race fee.

Can't say I'll miss the European GP, it has no place on the calender. Give the slot to another country. They can host the Spanish GP at Valenica if thehey want to.

And the rule about moving to defend has been clarifed. Basically you can not move back onto the racing line if you have moved off it to defend and you can not crowd a car off the track. like Schumacher did to Hamilton at the Italian GP.

Funny how this time a rule is clarifed at the end of the season, whilst another rule was clarifed and applied retroactively at the Belgium GP in 07. Where Hamilton was penalised after allowing Kimi back in front after overtaking him by going off the track only to overtake him legally at the next corner. My problem is that as the rule stood at the begining of the race it would appear that Hamilton obeyed the rule. i.e he let Kimi overtake him because he had illegally got ahead of him. Had it been clear that he had to allow one corner to pass before attempting an overtake, I think Lewis would have done so.
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