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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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Anyone want to speculate when we'll see footage from the film? I read something from last month saying that DC won't show the first trailer for six months...which would be sometime around comic con. I think they'll have a strong presence at SDCC this year. I've read a lot of thoughts from my friends who think the teaser will be attached with "The Dark Knight Rises" which makes sense. Production wraps up here in Vancouver in two weeks. I expect though we could get a teaser poster in the next couple of months. Not sure why I think that but that's just a gut feeling. We'll probably hear about who will compose in that time frame. I don't think it will be Tyler Bates as he's got a couple of projects already for 2012 he is working on.
I am hoping around the release of Dark Knight Rises we'll see a trailer.

Has principle photography ended for the movie yet?
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