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SPACE: Above and Beyond - Reviews and general geekiness

So recently I purchased the SPACE: Above and Beyond complete series DVD. This is my happiness level:

Which completely swamps my sadness level at the forty plus bucks pricetag:

Because I loved this series when it first came out! This was MY show! This was my must-see-TV, my appointment television. This was one of those shows where I threatened to disown members of my family if they visited, phoned or otherwise interrupted me while I was watching it.

Here's why: I love good science fiction and I love good war stories. S:AAB was a good science fiction war story, World War Two set in the backdrop of deep space, with spaceships and aliens squaring off against US Marines. I was hooked from the first episode.

I'm also glad to see it clearly on a TV screen. Back in the day, I didn't have cable, and my set didn't receive channel five - Fox where I lived - all that well, so most of the time I watched the program through a slight haze of snow. Now I can watch it in all it's glory!

My impressions of the series overall:

-Let's get this out of the way. Back then, I thought Shane Vansen was one of the hottest women in science fiction. Now, a decade plus after the fact? Shane Vansen is one of the hottest women in science fiction!

-With shows like this I'm as interested in the ships as I am in the characters. I have great respect and admiration for the SCVN Saratoga. She's not pretty or sleek, but she looks like she's built for a purpose. In fact, many purposes, all of them martial. I love her bluntness and ruggedness. My only gripe is that they call her a carrier. By definition, a carrier's main weapons are her planes. Saratoga deploys Marine pilots, Marine Expeditionary Forces, Marine Special Forces. Her main weapons are MARINES. That makes her an Assault Ship. Yes, it's a semantic difference, but to a naval enthusiast, it's an important semantic difference.

-Tucker Smallwood plays the best gruff, bad-ass CO I've seen in a long time. Commodore Ross rules!

In following posts I'll give my impressions of individual eps. It won't be in order because I tend to go to my favorites first. If you're interested, stay tuned.
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