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Re: Sign in the new petition for Bring Back Janeway, please!

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Why are you people still at it?
Their lives are empty without their fictional bipolar excuse of a captain apparently.
Saying "Their lives are empty..." is not the way to win your point.

While Janeway is, indeed, a "fictional, bipolar excuse of a captain" [I corrected your sentence with the appropriate comma... gotta watch that punctuation when attacking a fictional character], you forgot to add the most important part... over-caffeinated.

No, I cannot in good conscience sign any petition to "Bring Back Janeway". Leave her wherever she ended up. While I loved the series, Janeway's constant contradictions made her my least favorite character. Making her an admiral for merely getting most of her crew back alive, in spite of her misconduct and bipolar decision making, was not the right thing to do. Had it not been bad publicity, she should have been brought to a court-martial.
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