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Re: Sign in the new petition for Bring Back Janeway, please!

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Yeah, I have to say I wasn't getting the whole Elvis not being real reference. True, he didn't write all his own songs- few musicians do, but I don't see where he has any relevance to the Janeway argument.
Niether does flaming people for wanting Janeway back! Share your opinion, but don't go on and on about it. You know this thread was created for Janeway fans, you knew that commenting against it, would cause arguments. That was the intent.

Grow up!
Capt. Jaysee,

Perhaps before telling me to "grow up", you should go back and actually read my posts, you will see that I am in fact a Janeway fan. I have said repetitively actually how she is a childhood hero of mine.

I have not flamed anyone. Nor do I see how the above quote of mine that you commented on was a flame. Never once did I comment against Janeway or spit venom to anyone on this thread. I have, however tried to find common ground for everyone involved. Truth be told, I actually suggested to someone posting about the petition on the "other trek board" that they perhaps post it here as well. Your attack against me was completely unfounded and unnecessary.
I haven't ATTACKED anyone. I didn't aim it at you personally. I was speaking in general about people's posts on this thread and threads to do with bringing KJ back.

I have difficulty wording things, I'm sick of people making a mockery of my opinion, cause they like to take things i say out of context.

What about the post "not again, don't YOU people give up" and things like that. Why comment on it, that type of things aren't discussion. what about "Your not making a good case for yourself"...Well if I had better language skills maybe I could word it so people understand, but I don't.

When did I say you weren't a Janeway fan? I don't remember telling anyone they were or weren't one.
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