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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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Liverpool isn't racist, that's nonsense; don't let that turn you off. There are assholes with every club. (although supporting them because of the ownership is a kind of weak reason too, imo)
Yeah, I agree. That was just when I'd first really started to pay attention to the Premier League, so I hadn't really been able to make an informed choice at the time.

That's why I like Everton/Fulham more, because they actually have players I know and like. Plus liking both Everton and Liverpool seems kind of counterproductive to me; I've read that their rivalry isn't as heated as others, but rooting for two teams that have any kind of rivalry with one another just seems wrong.
Roger Wilco wrote: View Post
I would say just watch matches you're interested in every other week and fondness for one club or another will grow naturally over time.
Yeah, I've been trying to catch matches when I can. I have Fox Soccer Channel, which carries EPL matches (along with Serie A and, of course, MLS), but I see Man U, Chelsea, and Arsenal on there far more often than I do Everton or Fulham.
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