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Re: Does It Get Better???

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The set design really was good for this one, but in its own way, I thought it was as preachy as Far Beyond The Stars. The way they delivered the moral about telling the truth felt so heavy handed. It was like watching an after school special.
The difference was that "Far Beyond the Stars" was pointing the finger at the viewer/society we live in and preached at us. "Fair Trade" wasn't like that at all, it wasn't judging us personally, our history or our society. It was just a nice morality play.

I liked "Fair Trade". On a rewatch, I realized it was a great piece of character development and I could never hate Neelix like so many people do because he was at least a somewhat realistic character. He wrestles with real issues throughout the show and issues not to be taken lightly, this is the 2nd of Neelix's many great character episodes coming after "Jetrel" and before "Mortal Coil".

Re: Macrocosm. It was like "Genesis" but without any of the fun. "Genesis" kind of fell apart when Data and Picard arrived on the ship but we did at least get the great first act with everyone starting to behave strangely and we got some funny character interactions. "Macrocosm" just felt like a much duller and less interesting affair. A really mediocre episode.
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