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Re: Does It Get Better???

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Macrocosm: ...The virus was disgusting, in particular the way flies flew out of the crew member's necks. I also didn't care for "action movie Janeway." It seemed like the producer's were trying too hard to copy Ripley from the Alien films with Janeway in this episode...
"Ripley knock-off" was what I thought when I saw that one. I couldn't get past how the macro virus just flew through the air without any explanation. And that neck thing was hideous. Sometimes VOY just got carried away with the horror effects - the Vidiians, Tom's semi-transformed state in Threshold, and this. It's too grisly for my tastes, but at least there wasn't much of it.

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Fair Trade: A great episode about sticking to your principles and telling the truth... I also really liked the set design for the station..
The set design really was good for this one, but in its own way, I thought it was as preachy as Far Beyond The Stars. The way they delivered the moral about telling the truth felt so heavy handed. It was like watching an after school special.
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