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Re: Ongoing Community Discussion Thread

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Looks like it's coming back for the rest of this year!
I dont think that meant what you thought it did. All Bob Greenblatt said was that they're planning on putting it back in the schedule if/when one of the new shows fails.

Here's Alan Speinwall's slightly more detailed description:

Take "Community," which aired its last regularly-scheduled episode last night. Though Greenblatt insisted that the show isn't canceled and would return later in the spring on a night and time to be determined (though likely not leading off a night again), that wasn't so much news as Greenblatt clarifying something that was only implied when "Community" wasn't mentioned at all in the mid-season press release. The show's future for a fourth season is very much up in the air - when I asked him about it, he said, "I don't know. Those are really hard questions to answer right now." - because, despite its cable-esque levels of adulation, its overall ratings have been terrible for a while now.

"That's been the good news and bad news of 'Community,'" Greenblatt said. "It has such a strong core audience, and yet it's been hard to expand that audience."
This really isn't any new info, just repetition of what we've heard before.

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