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Re: The OFFICIAL STNG-R general discussion thread!

Let me be clear. I said budget and technology is what held back early TNG. Sure, it was expensive, but that doesn't mean all that money went into visuals for the show. For a pilot, they had to build everything from scratch (except the corridors. I know. Don't piss on me for that). The bridge set is mostly there, but a few finishing touches aren't applied until season 2. Now, season 2 is a whole other ball game thanks to the behind the scenes problems of creative bullshit (the writers really had free reign to go nuts for most of the season) and the writers strike (Shades of Grey. 'nuff said). But thats neither here nor there when it comes to visuals.

Now, those Farpoint aliens? Always looked a little goofy, but the fuzzy glow around the SD versions gave them some substance which I feel the HD version has taken away, making the tendrils far more spindly and rope like than they initially did. This is one issue. Overall I'm jumping for joy at TNG-HD and everything else I've seen looks fantastic. The Enterprise herself is a thing of beauty. The fact is though, the Farpoint aliens are first spaceship/alien of the week that were never seen again. Of course they didn't have the same level of polish applied to them.

Now, is that a budget/technology issue? Perhaps, but It's probably more of a time issue come to think of it. Thats why we got shots like this: in the pilot, which are blatantly a single shot of the model with the incorrect glows painted on afterward as opposed to the usual multi-pass composite. EaF is rife with stuff like this. Ok, sure, it got better during the first and second seasons, but I maintain the show didn't find its footing (visually) until season 3. Episodes like Conspiracy and Q, Who? really do help to debunk my argument mind you, but they still look rough around the edges vs the later seasons. The HD process will do a lot to remedy this, but the weird lighting of season 1 and 2 will not be fixed, it may be tempered somewhat, but it won't match the style the show maintained from season 3 onward thanks to the way in which it was made. Which is probably a combination of budget, technology, time and lets face it, stylistic choices.

Or as The Festivus Toad (Squiggy?) aptly pointed out better than I could - simply "unrefined".
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