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^But that's my point. If they felt no need to put "Where No Man" in 2265 or "The Galileo Seven" in '66, why would they feel any greater need to put "Annihilate" in '67?
That's not what I suggested. I was curious if the retold "Where No Man..." was early in their first year together, then the retold "Galileo Seven" may have been approximately half a season later. (In fact, it was #14 in TOS, the one that Grace Lee Whitney missed out on because her 13-week contract wasn't renewed; this new version included Rand, as per the original script.) Now this next retelling (of "Operation: Annihilate!") could be towards the end of that first year. Or not. We haven't been told, and the comics have reverted to TOS-style stardates as well.

Are the retold stories dropping many clues about how much time is elapsing?
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