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Re: When did the Ferengi go from "serious" villains to just comic reli

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I never thought the concept of the Capitalist Yankee Trader made for a good villain. They weren't out for conquest or power, just profit. That means they go where opportunity takes them. At some points they will be an adversary, but at others they would be an ally by their nature. It's not the stuff of a big, bad main villain. It's like having the Swiss as an arch enemy.
Well Ultra capitalists can make good villains, Lex Luthor is Superman's arch nemesis and he is just a corporate tycoon. Sure Lex had motives besides greed, a lot of his villainy is because he is jealous of Superman, but then again the Ferengi don't need to have greed be their sole motive. Bok was motived by revenge, not all Ferengi are the same.

However if the Ferengi were serious villains, they would be different villains from the Klingons or Romulans, they don't want to take over the galaxy, they just want to make money. Perhaps like European Colonial powers they could conquer less powerful civilizations and exploit them, but they wouldn't pick a fight with the Federation. The Ferengi shouldn't be belligrent, they should be sly and slick, pretend to the Federation's friend until they can screw over the federation. Just because they don't want to take over the galaxy, doesn't mean they can't do bad things, they could sell weapons to dictatorships, dump toxic waste on other planets, create their own slave and drug trades. They could have good villains, with a little decent writing, not having them act like apes would have been a good start.

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