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Re: Once Nolan's trilogy ends..

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Personally, nothing will get me to pay for a non-Nolan Batman film in the future. Begins and TDK were those rare events where they did exactly what I always hoped for. Same reason I won't watch a new take on Lord of the Rings or Star Wars.
I kinda agree with you.. I never warmed up to Burton's modern/retro take on the Bataverse. I wanted something with a more realistic feeling to it. Nolan's vision has spoiled me.

For another take on Bats to work for me, it's going to have to be something futuristic like Batman Beyond or (even better) Miller's The Dark Knight Returns.

I will also agree with Brocoli that Chris O'Donnell's Robin wasn't what was wrong with Schumacher's movies... The way they worked his character in was just fine with me.
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