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Once Nolan's trilogy ends..

I think few here will argue that Christopher Nolan's Batman films so far have been great. Easily the best film interpretation of the character ever made. It's highly unlikely that Warner will let a cash cow such as Batman disappear for too long, though. What is it you guys would like to see happen with the franchise after Nolan departs?

Personally, while I love the hyper-realistic take on Batman, in the next film after TDKR, I'd like to a see a more comic book Batman. I want a see a universe where Batman can face off with enemies like Clayface, Solomon Grundy, or Killer Crock. A universe where Batman could conceivable team up with Superman on occasion. Bring in Robin. Make him a teenager, not practically the same age as Bruce. The circus outfit isn't necessary. Something more along the lines of Tim Drake's Robin outfit, perhaps.

Obviously, care needs to be taken to prevent another "Batman and Robin," but it can certainly be done and done well.
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