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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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Lex doesn't have to have a shaved head when we see him.
I know he doesnt, but after Hackman, Shea and Spacey just once I'd like a Lex who is just plain bald.

Other than Rosenbaum that is
I've never really understood the point of the bald thing myself. It feels like such an outdated, cartoonish idea for what an "evil villain" is supposed to look like. And I just don't think it's necessary for the character anymore.

Hell, the Joker has always been drawn with a pointy chin in the comics, and no one ever demands that the live-action Jokers have one.
Well, to begin with, no one in real life is going to look like the Joker. Conversely, there are lots of actors, including (off the top of my head) Bruce Willis, Billy Zane, Patrick Stewart, Terry O'Quinn, John Malkovich and Vin Diesel, who are as bald as Lex.

There's also the fact that, in the limited visuals of a comic book world, the one thing that makes Lex look like Lex is the lack of hair.

And, to draw another comparison to the Joker, maybe no one needs the pointy chin, but they do expect a white face and green hair. Lex's shiny pate is as much his distinguishing trait as Mr. J's mossy dome is his.
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