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Re: Star Ship Polaris

Although I rarely comment on general accolades and complements, I want everyone to know I do read them and bask in their warm glow like any other artist type desperate for attention. Rest assured, the sentiment is appreciated.

Maurice Navidad wrote: View Post
Why do I picture those pods being set in a circular track that rotates them to the hatches?
That's not too far from what I had in mind. I am actually picturing the pods hanging from a swing-arm assembly that rotates them from their stowed positions on either side out through the doorway into launch position.

largo wrote: View Post
awesome. from that side, it looks like something the Guild of Last Exile would fly.
Had no idea what you were referring to until I looked it up. Interesting observation.

Herkimer Jitty wrote: View Post
Polaris's front view, at that jaunty angle, would make a pretty wicked uniform patch, or some kind of logo.
Well, Polaris already has a logo/mission patch, sort of a stylized galaxy spiral. I get what you mean, though.
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