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Re: Sign in the new petition for Bring Back Janeway, please!

JanewayRulz! wrote: View Post
^^ Okay... you don't get it. So?
Indeed. Some get it, some don't. I am a Janeway fan and yes, she was a role model for me as I was growing up. Many have had a fictional hero or two as they grew up: Batman, Robin Hood, etc. Some women in my age group took Xena as their fictional hero- mine just happened to be Janeway.

Perhaps some Janeway fans do go overboard, but I see that in fans of everyone and everything. I can't explain everyone else's actions, etc., but I can say/ask who doesn't have a sense of loyalty to their heroes, real or imagined? I don't think I'm rabid, delusional, or any other choice words or assumptions Janeway fans have been labeled in this thread.

I just simply love Janeway, she was a childhood hero, and thought her death was unnecessary and would like to have her back in the books. Simply put, Voyager without Janeway makes as much since as Next Gen without Picard. Nothing more or less.
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