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Re: Sign in the new petition for Bring Back Janeway, please!

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Interesting that many people are ready to send Janeway fans off to the asylum. You sprout things like 'find a real person to be your hero'. Well just cause a person is REAL, doesn't mean that the things those people do to inspire people are real.

Do you think JFK is real? NO!. His policies were created by many minds and his speeches were written by another mans inflictions. REAL???

What about Elvis??? He suppose to be real, but wait; he sung songs from other people's hearts, the songwriter's thoughts.

Debate all you want, but Janeway is no less real then anyone who inspired another. Living and breathing or pages in a book...doesn't really matter if they bring you joy!
I have to agree with your statement here. I'm a bit annoyed myself over the attitude from some people about those who dare stand up for something they believe in.

Mind you, we who are dissatisfied with the treatment of Janeway in those books aren't freaks or lunatics. We are normal people with other interests outside Star Trek.

I myself has gotten the reputation of being a die-hard Kes fan and sometimes being called mad too. But I got other interests in life besides Kes, Voyager and Star Trek. I don't spend the days trying to figure out Kes campaigns or sulking about how Kes was treated, in fact during my daily life I hardly think about it. It's when I decide to watch a Voyager episode, read a Voyager book or check out what's going on on different forums I think about it and when it comes to visiting the forums, I might get involved in certain debates.

And no, I don't think that Kes is a real person, I don't mix up Kes with Jennifer Lien (even if I do think that both the character and the actress were ill-treated by those in charge) and I don't spend my days dressed in a Starfleet uniform either.

I guess it's the same for most Trek fans and in this case for the Janeway fans who dare to express their opinions.

What I often do (and that is something I share with the ardent Janeway fans on this forum) is to speak out when I find something wrong.

When something I like, something which gives me a certain amount of pleasure and entertainment is ruined, then I speak out what I think about it and I do think that it's my right to do so.

What I really dislike are people who just bow their heads to the authorities. If more people dared to speak out about what they find wrong (and believe me, I wish that would be true about more serious things than Star Trek), then the world might be a better place.

When it comes to the Trek books, there was a time when I really enjoyed to read those books, especially the Voyager books but right now i'm very dissatisfied about the direction of those books, mainly because so many great characters are missing.

Janeway is one of my favorites too and for me, the annihilation of Janeway was "the Kes thing" repeated all over again, this time by other people than Berman's staff, people which I expected would do a better job that those in charge of the TV series. I might have been naive but I was hoping that they would correct some of the things which were done during the TV series. Instead it has become even worse and that's when I think it's time to put down the foot and say "no, I don't accept this".

Someone mentioned Data and a campaign for him. I would gladly participate in such a campaign because I think it would be easy to restore Data and have him back in the TNG books. As a matter of fact, I don't read the TNG books either because certain good characters are missing there too.

Remember, it's the people who speak out and dare to stand up for what thyey believe in who changes the world and create history.
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