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Re: Does It Get Better???

Going back to Voyager, I watched two more episodes.

Warlord: An exciting plot and a terrific performance by the actor who plays Kes! I found the aliens-of-the-week for this episode to be pretty dull, and the scenes on the holodeck were a waste of time, but these were not significant issues because most of the story revolves around Kes and Teiran, and that is what interested me the most.

The Q and the Grey: I hate to say it, but this is probably the worst Q episode yet. The whole civil war plot was ridiculous nonsense, and Q wanting to mate with Janeway got old after awhile. Despite these problems, this episode had some redeeming qualities. The opening of the episode with Q stalking Janeway and trying to seduce her was funny (but it got old after awhile), and I also really enjoyed the scenes with the female Q, especially her scene with B'ellana.
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