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Re: Sign in the new petition for Bring Back Janeway, please!

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With Data, however, you don't seem to get the hero worship / role model thing that Janeway (inexplicably to me) appears to generate in her fans. Data was a great character that I miss. I suspect most fans feel similarly, but that's it.

Janeway (and yes, my opinion is coloured by my dislike of Kate Mulgrew as an actor) was badly written,
inconsistent and annoying. I cannot deny that something about her connected with her following, but it almost seems like a mother / sister / mentor relationship her fans project onto the character.
For a large number of Janeway fans being female, by and large it's simply the appeal of a strong, independent, female leader, which in Trek or any other fictional realm or in reality even today are few and far between. These type of role models show young girls a positive influence and that they can achieve great things. Janeway as with other heroes, became a beacon of different things to different people.

It can't be denied that Kate Mulgrew was a path setter by portraying Janeway. She opened many doors for other women in sci fi. I also believe her fans loyalty comes from how she interacts with them and how approachable she is. I am on the opposite end of the spectrum where I just don't understand how someone could not like her, lol. To each their own.

For males, their pools of heroes are far larger to draw from. I love Data and hate the idea of him being gone as well. Males and females love him alike, but not usually in a hero type sentiment. It doesn't mean he's loved any less, just fans see him in a different light.

I will agree, Data is more popular than Janeway overall, which isn't a big shock being TNG is also the most popular Trek, but of course I think his popularity transcends that fact alone. Data is a character many fans could emotionally connect to and empathize with.

But, I don't believe there needs to be a debate or contest on who should be allowed to return or other popularity contest. Simply put: neither should have died.

I'm sorry, none of this explains the obsessive attitude toward Janeway. I'm a black male and I love Captain Sisko (though the fact that he's black was less relevant than the fact that the man was badass)...but had he died at the end of DS9, my world would not have been crushed. My sense of self was not derived from Sisko. I did not need Sisko to be my role gets that from real people that do real things in the real world. He was simply a cool character who's adventures I could enjoy until the moment that they came to an end. When it was over I remembered the fun ride and then moved on to the next cool adventure of some other fictional character.
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