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Re: Does It Get Better???

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Yes, but the creative team behind DS9 were brilliant and so was the show.

The decisions made by the Voyager team were poor and so was the show...
I particularly like how Ron Moore transferred to Deep Space 9 after TNG ended and wrote some of its best episodes. Then, when DS9 ended, he transferred to Voyager and wrote one episode before quitting because the Voyager production team was shit. He then proceeded to make the phenomenal Battlestar Galactica as a big "F-U" to the Star Trek universe.
Nailed it in one...

If anyone's not read it yet, Ron Moore on Voyager :
That interview/transcript is all BS. And he conveniently forgets all the prior established stuff that would keep any of that from happening in VOY.

Moore has no real say in the matter, his own attempt at a "VOY done right" thing ran out of steam after 2 seasons before collapsing in less than 4 seasons.

And to top it off, he couldn't even make such a show from scratch, he had to use a pre-existing series to lift stuff from to make it!
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