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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

I came in at issue 146 when Man-Thing joined the team coming out of the, I think, Initiative storyline. I agree I enjoyed Juggy and Crossbones etc that were part of that team along with Ghost. After Juggy dropped off along with Crossbones I still had Man-Thing, my main reason to pick the book up. However, he was also a casulty of Fear Itself. Cage brought in Satana which was a plus cause I like the horror/monster side of Marvel's lineup. When the time travel started it was stated Man-Thing was having to undergo a massive regeneration and was left in the present as the time travel issues began. Cool, Satana was still there. The last two issues though no Man-Thing and Satana had only a few panels. If they are back to the present as the Luke Cage spotlight seems this issue(167?) I hope to get word on Manny's situation. I'll flip through it on the shelf or see it Marvel editorial just drops the ball on his regeneration post-Feat Itself.
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