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This goes to the scriptwriter, who of course did not have his name repeated enough for me to remember.
The writer was Scott Z. Burns, who also wrote the criminally underrated The Informant! for Soderbergh.

As near as I can remember this has no resemblance to any of Soderbergh's previous works, illustrating the relative unimportance of the director.
The film closely resembles Soderbergh's Traffic, something pointed out by countless film critics when the film was released. Of course, whether or not the film resembles any previous ones he's made has little to do with Soderbergh's importance as the director (it's worth noting that, like most films he's made, Soderbergh is also the credited cinematographer on the movie). In this particular case, the director was quite important, since the film was re-structured several times during editing (resulting in the reduction of Marion Cotillard's role, among many other changes).
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