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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Defenders #2 - I didn't mind this issue as much as a few seem to have. I wouldn't put it up for an Eisner Award but it was fun. I'm a bit unclear on who the villain is though and how he was able to capture Surfer. Arguably the most powerful of the group. I'm curious like others what Strange said to Red She Hulk but I'm unclear on why she needed prodding to turn into Betty? As recently as Hulk #2 she 'hulked' out at will and has before. I've also never seen Rand do anything of the mystical sense like expelling a bullet out of him. Are they stretching his connection to that type realm beyond just channeling his Chi to make the "iron fist"?

Punisher #7 - Still liking what Rucka has going here. We get the aftermath of the events in issue 6 which actually ended with Punisher and Alves(the Bride) in a face off situation. I'm guessing we'll revist that next issue since the crime scene had the closing statement "He wasn't alone". Detective Ozzy also is shown to have a real disdain for the Punisher. During the story we get a flashback giving us insight into why. The flashback is a Punisher vs Daredevil fight about bringing a criminal to justice. Ozzy also outs Bolt, our younger detective newly promoted, as a Punisher sympathizer and calls him out for slipping Frank intel. To which he demands that it stop...NOW. Outside of the flashback there is no appearance by The Punisher himself. The story read like script pages from a procedual show, a well done one. I was very impressed still with Rucka's run thus far. OH, and at the end Ozzy shows a knife from the crime scene during the flashback, one he has been opening/closing all issue long to the annoyance of Bolt. The issue closes on the knife and it has a Punisher logo etched/painted onto the blade. I have to wonder if this is a slight nod to the '89 Lundgren film.

Also, I'm taking a break from Thunderbolts after 20 or so issues. The time travel was over and I'd been reading for Man-Thing then Satana but both seem gone now.
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