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Re: STO Trek BBS Fleet

DOFF system info

To correct what I previously said about the Colonial assignment chains, it seems to give a fixed reward. The Renown DOFF for the Delta Volanis cluster is a blue Defari doctor. So if you're in need of a rare doctor, head out to the DV cluster and run the assignment chain.

Heretic was on the DOFFJOBS channel last night. He said that he's fixed a lot of bugs on the DOFF systems and assignments. I think those have been posted in the STO forum. He avoided my question about the whereabouts of Nurse Chapel (there was a Christina Chapel DOFF on Tribble). :-P

I'm not getting any feedback from the TrekBBS fleet on the DOFF system. Is any of the info I'm passing along of interest? I can jabber about something else, like cruiser builds. Just let me know. Thanks.
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