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Re: Does It Get Better???

Well even Garret Wang said his character was nothing more than a cardboard cutout and yet you're superimposing all these supposedly visible character changes that were so subtly and masterfully inserted as the seasons went on. It must be great to live in your world stj where everything is actually better than it is in reality.

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You and alot of other people think character development in Voyager is completely non-existent. The series began with the premise that the characters were already developed. A bunch of people out of the academy has alot to do but not in the way of personnal development
What world do you live in? Cuz it sure as heck ain't the same one I'm in.

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What I like about Voyager is every episode started a completely different story, following new tactics and exploring new scientific endeavors. This was less important in DS9.
I liked that too, but single good stories each week isn't everything. There's the step back to look at the show as a whole - character development, cohesiveness, realization of initial potential and many things that Voyager did fail at. If that stuff doesn't concern you or you wave it away with bizarre logic like "the crew of Voyager were already developed so it made sense we saw no more development in the 7 years they were in this totally unique and life-changing experience" then that's your choice but I'd rather face facts.
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