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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Feel like you missed the point I was after. Agree with everything you said, i LIKE the DOFF system. They just need to tone the advancement points WAY down, as you can beat the game through the DOFF system in a very short period, and never actually play any of the story.

There's a million ways to get points and shoot through ranks, but not many ranks and no endgame to speak of once you get there (new STFs are worse than before, just a boring grind with no story anymore), so they need to stop burning through ranks so fast and at least get you to play the few missions they have.
Perhaps I did.

I think this is a case of the left hand of Cryptic not knowing what the right hand is doing. Cryptic repeatedly stated that character advancement would be slowed down in Season 5; however, they implemented a new system that lets characters ramp up to VA in approximately 30 game hours.


To correct what I previously said about the Colonial assignment chains, it seems to give a fixed reward. The Renown DOFF for the Delta Volanis cluster is a blue Defari doctor. So if you're in need of a rare doctor, head out to the DV cluster and run the assignment chain.

Heretic was on the DOFFJOBS channel last night. He said that he's fixed a lot of bugs on the DOFF systems and assignments. I think those have been posted in the STO forum.

He was surprised that some people had multiple copies of the unique DOFFs. They did not anticipate players running assignment chains more than once. (never underestimate the tenacity of a player...)
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