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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

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Hmm, that would make a good custom title...

But anyway, to actually add some substance to this post, I don't see anything wrong with a TV version of AI (or, really, a TV version of the familiar sci fi notion of intelligent robots, because that description is too skimpy to really know what it will be "about"). BSG and Caprica really just did their own idiosyncratic thing, so I'm not counting them.

Exploring the social aspect of artificial intelligence isn't an overdone concept on TV. Superheroes and vampires, now they're overdone, but not robots. Novels and movies are very different from TV, so we could get something valuable and new from a TV series.
I would say that Superheroes on TV aren't overdone yet. Plenty of room for a GOOD series dealing with that sort. Vampires? Yeah, crowded, but again, the GOOD stuff is easy to distill.

I do think a series dealing with robots would be good, but just reading that concept doesn't give me confidence the helmers of that show "get it".

Now, The Last Resort...again, depends on showrunners, but that is intriguing.
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