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Re: Sign in the new petition for Bring Back Janeway, please!

Janeway though fictional, was a childhood hero of mine as well and to make a long story short, I simply lived in a predicament as a child where there really wasn't real life role models to inspire me or look up to. I knew even then Janeway wasn't "real", but that did not lessen the impact of what character had on my younger mind. (And personally, I'd rather a child have a fictional hero over the neighborhood drug dealer...)

In my life thus far I have had fictional heroes and real life heroes at every stage and Janeway is definately at the top of my fictional pantheon.

Let me just say that I love the character enough that YES I not only read but succumbed to writing fanfiction during the latter years of the TV series and did my first fan-novel nearly 10 years after it ended.

I did the novel because she captured my imagination and I felt there was so much more to delve into with her character, and NOT because some stuffed suit had decided to kill her off.

Although I appreciate how strongly fans respond to her departure and I grieve with them and wish them well in their crusades, I also see the fear in other fans that this character would be "brought back" after such an ignoble ending. I understand Ms Beyer's (sp?) consternation over Spock's noble Sacrifice in "WOK" being diminished by his resurrection in the following movie and yet I can only say THANK YOU PTB for bringing him back. Without him... the latest Star Trek movie would have paled into insignificance for me.

Yes, there are weird Trek fans just like there are weird sports fans and weird soap fans and weird fans of rock & rollers and weird fans of politicians, but I don't really see anyone here that fits that category so I think we can move away that "topic".

"Where's the petition for Data?"
I used to like Data, but grew very tired of him in the movies and hated the ending of Nemesis since it seemed to grasp at the emotional impact of Wrath of Khan" without a ghost of a chance of achieving it. "Hey, we killed Data but here's his backup already, so don't worry about it." Yeah, the ending stunk and helped to end any chance of the TNG franchise continuing in the movies.

Well... I guess I should be thankful that Janeway never made it to the big screen. If her film performed as poorly, SHE would have been blamed for the demise of the movie franchise.

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