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Re: Star Ship AJAX Production

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That's a side effect of the lens you used on the camera. I'm not sure what you're using to photograph it, but you want to make sure you take lenses into consideration when you actually shoot on the set. I'm a big fan of the widescreen lens, which makes my little 12-foot bridge look a lot less cramped!
It's always worth reposting this picture to show how tiny things look when different lenses are used--even when they haven't been moved any farther from the camera:

It's worth noting that the camera actually is in a different place for each of those photos. The placement was altered so that the pink bottle appears the same size in each shot, to emphasize the effect that longer focal lengths make the subjects appear closer together while shorter focal lengths make the subjects appear farther away from one another.

The narrative implications of this being pretty obvious. If you want two people to subconsciously seem disconnected, you're going to use a shorter focal length in an OTS shot, to use one example.
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