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Re: New Syfy series Lost Girl - prelaunch thread

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It'll be interesting to find out if Syfy airs the original version or a censored version. The version we see up here goes into L Word territory fairly often. I've only seen a few bits of pieces but it sort of strikes me as Buffy meets Highlander: The Raven meets, well, L Word. My main interest in the show is because it stars Anna Silk; so it's sort of a Summer Glau scenario - fans don't care what the show is, they just want to see her. Fortunately for Anna made-for-cable Canadian series tend to be harder to kill off for ratings than something that airs on Fox or NBC.

Is there nudity? I don't see why simply having lesbians on the show should be a problem otherwise.

I don't recall nudity in the 2 episodes I watched.
So it goes.
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