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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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^ I'd imagine we'll get nods to Lex, such as Luthorcorp buildings or products in the background but won't see the character himself. Much as how the next Spider-man movie won't have the Green Goblin but will feature Oscorp. No doubt Supersequels and Spider-sequels will feature LL and GG respectively.

I like Bradley Cooper but I can't see him as Lex, even if they were going for a Lois and Clark take on the character. And the story about a cameo smacks of stunt-casting, flavour of the week type approach. Whatever else one says about this movie, Zack Snyder's casting has been spot-on and not in the least gimmicky.
I agree. If this rumor is true it does leave me scratching my head.
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