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Kate Kelly
Re: RPG Recruitment Thread


I am Lieutenant Kate Kelly of the USS Halo. My current position is Chief Medical Officer of the USS Halo.

We are an Akira class vessel set in the year of 2379, just after the Breen war.

We are a canon ship but that does not stop us from having fun between our actual RPG site and our forums. We do run on a 16+ age restriction.

The RPG runs with a basic mission and from there the players play off of eachother to lead the storyline.

The current mission we are running is called 'The Big Bang'. A person has just blown up half the ship and the crew is scrambling to get the computer fixed, engines running and people patched up.

We also have alot of sub-plots running throughout the RPG just to be able to mix things up

Currently we have roles free in all areas, primarily in our security/tatical, op's, engineering, science and medical areas.

We also have a fighter area which we are actively recruiting people to to serve under a Commander and fighter leader who have alot of experience in this area.

Please feel free to visit us at and take a look around.

We have an active mission taking place at the moment, please contact myself at anytime if you would like to get a look at the posts being made in order to try get a feel for what is happening.My e-mail address is, which is also my msn address

We look forward to you joining our crew
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