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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Sorry for the confusion. Particles from the Academy collecting events. The unused particles stayed in my inventory until the event above happened.

On another note... I was helping my daughter with her KDF Orion Engineer. Took the Orion Dacoit flight-deck cruiser (hybrid cruiser/light carrier) in the Borg Incursion. It's a nice looking ship that performs well. Initially there was only one other player but two more joined later. Launching fighters seems to confuse the enemy so the Dacoit was rarely targeted. The Command ship was a little difficult, but I just turned and gave it the good old broadside attack while alternating the fighters between attack and intercept. And another Borg Unimatrix command ship bites the dust...

I recommend that you have your KDF character pick up a Flight Deck Officer if you're going to use carriers. If you haven't used carriers, there are four commands:
Attack - go get the selected target
Intercept - fly CAP and intercept anything incoming
Escort - fly CAP around an ally's ship
Recall - return to the ship

The Dacoit is a KDF Cmdr level ship. The Vo'quv Carrier is a KDF Brig Gen ship. My Orion Sci Officer picked one up, but hasn't tested it yet. I think the carriers bring a new and exciting element into ship combat for the KDF. I hope to see something soon for the Federation.

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