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Re: New Syfy series Lost Girl - prelaunch thread

Funny enough, I picked up watching this series last week. I've seen everything up to the last aired of season 2 and overall, I'd have to say, it's a nice, light urban fantasy series.

Anna Silk plays Bo, a "Lost" Fae who never knew what she was, raised by humans, and as a result never aligned herself with either the Light or Dark Fae. She also never learned to control her fae abilities which has left a trail of bodies in her wake.

The sidekick Kenzi, played by Ksenia Solo is a really talented actress who shows a nice range the deeper into the series you go. She's kinda the half 'Heart', half 'Comic Relief', all Attitude.

If you're interested, there's an arc-based storyline that weaves throughout the standard "of-the-week" fare.

I originally started watching the series because I'd enjoyed Anna Silk's guest stints on Being Erica and wanted to see her in another role, but now I'm willing to stick around and see where the story goes (despite a level of soap-opera romance) just because I like the characters and some of the concepts of "Fae" presented thus far.

Side Note: Maybe it's just Canadian production geared for a Canadian market, but there's a level of "Not-Nudity" Nudity that's kind of surprising at first glance.

I'd be interested to hear some opinions from those that have actually seen the series.
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