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Re: Sign in the new petition for Bring Back Janeway, please!


I think we can all see ourselves in this to some extent - even to join up and post in here identifies us as way more involved than the 99.9% of viewers who watch, enjoy, then carry on with life without really thinking about it too much.

I like passionate fans - my son loves Transformers. I am less than interested but we go to a UK convention and I really enjoy the two days. The fans are great.

What does unnerve me somewhat is the people that cross the (somewhat blurry) dividing line between fandom and odd behaviour. I remember a guy at a Trek signing in a comic shop I used to work in coming in full TNG uniform telling all and sundry that starship design was his passion and that he devoted all of his spare time to it - a little obsessive I thought ! Worse still are the excesses of fanfic, especially 'slash', turning Trek into something it really wasn't. Further out still are the people that confuse fantasy with reality.

I'm certainly not saying the Janeway supporters and posters are like the above, but I think that with any group, some may be on that spectrum !
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