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Re: Non Trek Fic: Lawndale and Sandi Griffin's Genie

Chapter 5: Part 2
Jeffy turned his car around a corner, going from Fourth Street into Marcil Boulevard. Tiffany’s phone rang.

“Hi, Mommy,” she said.

“Great! What does she want?” Joey asked.

“She is meeeeting other parents aaatt the Settle-ment Rest-uar-ant, about Jean,” Tiffany explained, she then put the phone back at her ear.

“I guess, that’s a good thing, right?” Jeffy said, as he went through the Marcil Boulevard - Main Street intersection.

“I guess so,” Joey said.

“She wants me to tell Jo-odie Laaandon about what weee are up to,” Tiffany said.

“Jodie is there, with the parents?” Joey asked.

Tiffany nodded.

“Um, it’s the Settlement, right?” Jeffy asked, as he pulled up short of Johnson Avenue, across the road from the Good Time Chinese Restaurant.

“Yeah,” Tiffany said.

“It’s just up the street from Chez Pierre,” Joey said.

“Ok, tell her that we are on our way,” Jeffy said.

“Thanks, Tiffany, honey. I’ll see you soon, bye.” Frances said.

“So, she is on her way here?” Jodie asked.

“Yes,” Frances said.

“I hope there will be room,” Mack said, as he saw another parent he recognised arrive.

“Right, you want me to search Lawndale when I leave here?” Elizabeth asked for clarification.

“Yes, until sunset, then you can do whatever you usually do on a Friday night,” Helen said.

Elizabeth glared at Helen. “You mean worry about Anastasia going on dates! In this case it will be worry about Anastasia looking for the emerald.”

“As if I don’t worry about Quinn going on dates!” Helen said.

“What about your other daughter?” Elizabeth asked.

“Daria doesn’t date,” Helen said

“Or she does, and she is doing it behind your back,” Penelope said.

“You don’t know Daria.”

“We are approaching the spot,” Elias said.

“I don’t see anyone,” Quinn said.

“Neither do I,” Elias said.

“Clearly it’s some kind of hoax!” Dennis said.

Elias looked at Dennis. He knew that Dennis had been involved with hoaxes of a similar nature.

They walked up to the site.
“Well, nobody is here. It’s a hoax,” Quinn said, nervously.

The three of them moved so that their backs were to each other.

“If there is someone trying to bait us, they have something coming,” Elias whispered to Quinn as he held the emerald.

Quinn nodded.

“What are you talking about?”Dennis asked.

“Nothing!” Quinn said.

Dennis grumbled. Clearly they were keeping something secret.

Sandi arrived back at Lawndale High. ‘I haven’t seen Elias. He must have gone a different direction!’ she thought.

She decided to go back to Main Street. ‘He will be there sooner or later.’

At the Pizza King; Jane, Daria and Stacy were eating their Pizza’s.

“Anyone see the genie, Elias or my sister?” Daria asked.

“Nobody, none of the Lawndale students saw Quinn, Sandi, Jean or Elias since they left class,” Jane said.

“They have to be somewhere!” Stacy said.

“Just not here,” Daria said.

“Tom!” Jane said, as her boyfriend came over to them.

“Hi, Jane, Daria, what’s happening?” Tom asked.

“Remember what I was telling you yesterday?” Jane asked, as Tom sat next to her.

“Yes, something about a genie, wasn’t it?”

“Yes. More stuff has happened today,” Jane said.

Tom looked at her in disbelief.

“A lot more stuff,” Daria said.

“Really?” Tom asked.

“Yes, Stacy. Tell him,” Jane said.

“Why me?”

“You have the photographic memory,” Daria said.

“Technically it’s eidetic,” Stacy said. She looked at Jane’s look of disbelief and said “I don’t know where I got that from.”

She then launched into her description of the day’s events.

Back on Adams Street, Quinn, Elias and Dennis had stood with their backs against each other for about five minutes.

“Nobody’s coming,” Quinn finally said.

“Yeah,” Dennis said.

“I guess we can continue, just keep an eye out,” Elias said.

“Let’s go,” Quinn said. They slowly started back on their way towards the Jefferson Bridge.

Jeffy parked as close as he could to The Settlement, nearly in front of Chez Pierre. “Let’s go,” he said.
Joey led him and Tiffany towards The Settlement.

The parents were still debating their plans when Joey, Jeffy and Tiffany entered the restaurant.
Tiffany went over to where her mother and Jodie were sitting. Joey and Jeffy followed.

“Hi, guys. What are you doing about the situation?” Mack asked.

“We are cruising Lawndale’s streets, looking for Quinn, Jean, Elias, Sandi or the emerald,” Joey said.

“Quinn? What has happened with Quinn?” Helen asked with concern.

“No-one has seen her since she left school,” Jeffy said.

“Nooor have they seeeen Sand-di.”

“You think that it has something to do with the genie?” Helen asked.

“Daria thinks that she may have gone after Elias Howarth, who was last seen with the emerald,” Jeffy said.

“Stacy is with her and her art friend,” Joey said.

“You mean Jane?” Helen asked.

“If that is her name, yes,” Jeffy said.

“Where is Anastasia?” Elizabeth asked.

“With Daria and Jane,” Helen said.

‘I don’t know why she insists on calling Stacy that. Mom only calls me Jefferson if I’m in trouble,’ Jeffy thought.

“So, she is being driven around Lawndale with two people I don’t know!” Elizabeth said.

“I can vouch that Daria won’t let anything bad happen to your daughter,” Helen said.

“But what about Jane?” Elizabeth said.

“Your daughter is safe!” Helen said.

“Stop!” Frances said.

Helen backed off from Elizabeth.

“OK. I can trust Daria,” Elizabeth said slightly subdued.

Helen could see that Elizabeth didn’t back down very often.

Andrew then spoke up “I have logged into my company’s Mainframe. I have set it to send me a text message if something unusual makes it into the news.”

Jodie glanced at her father’s laptop. “Very good, Dad,” she said.

Andrew smiled.

“So have you planned anything?” Jeffy asked.

“A few things, Most of the parents don’t get along,” Helen said.

“Good thing that you invited me instead of Michelle,” Andrew said.

Helen laughed a nervous laugh.

They continued their planning.

Jennifer arrived at Kristen’s hospital room. “I’m sorry I’m late, I had a few errands to run,” she said to Kristen.

“That’s fine,” Kristen said.

“Hey, you are almost normal,” Jennifer said.

“Thanks,” Kristen said.

“Jennifer, right?” Agent Leung asked.

“Yeah,” Jennifer said.

“Thank you for helping Kristen to the nurse’s office,” Agent Bell said.

“You’re welcome,” Jennifer said, with surprise

“I should have been there rather than leading Sandi away!” Cindy said.

“You couldn’t have known,” Kristen said.

“Thanks,” Cindy said with a smile.

“So, are you getting out any time soon?” Jennifer asked.

“They are going to keep me overnight for observation, in case there are any other issues,” Kristen said.

“Ok,” Jennifer said.

Elias, Quinn and Dennis got off the Jefferson Bridge and entered Lawndale’s main business/shopping area. They could see that it was 10 past 4 according to the Court House clock tower in the distance.

“Ok, it is likely that Sandi is somewhere here,” Quinn said.

“True, perhaps we should split up, that would make her wonder who really has it,” Elias suggested.

“Are you sure?” Quinn asked.

“Yes, you can go to the library and research the history books for instances of genie activity,” Elias said.

Quinn looked at Elias in horror. “That’s more Daria’s territory,” she said.

“But Daria is not here,” Elias said, trying to defeat Quinn’s charm. ‘She certainly knows how to use it.’ A metaphoric light bulb lit in Elias’s head. ‘That gives me an idea.’

“Yeah?” Quinn asked.

“Ok, you can go to the library and ask any cute boys there to do the research for you. I may take you to Chez Pierre later,” Elias said.

Quinn thought. “That’s a good idea, Elias. A bargain worthy of Daria,” she said with a nervous laugh.

She turned to go. She realised something. She asked Elias how she was to tell him what her helpers found.

Elias said that he would be by later, but said that he would be at the second hand bookstore.

Quinn then said goodbye and went towards the older public library in Third Street.

Soon, Elias and Dennis parted ways, when Elias told Dennis of the emerald. Dennis reacted as Elias had expected. He demanded the emerald for himself, and Elias wished himself to the Lawndale Second Hand Books store. He wasn’t to know what Dennis was planning...

Quinn arrived at the library. She quickly found her first victim, or rather, volunteer. “Hi, have you heard of the events at Lawndale High today?”

“I have heard of something that happened there yesterday,” the eighth grader said.

“Close enough. Would you like to look in the history books for any mention of genies?” Quinn asked, her charm at full intensity.

“Sure. What’s your name?”


The eighth grader went towards the 900 section of the Non-Fiction section.

Quinn smiled and began looking for another boy to ask.

Dennis had heard where Elias had wished himself to. He arrived at the Lawndale Second Hand Books store at 4:13.

He entered the store and quickly found Elias. “Give me that emerald, Elias Howarth!”

“No, Dennis!” Elias said.

Dennis reached, and grabbed the emerald. He quickly removed the necklace from around Elias’s neck, and then bolted from the store. Elias bolted after him.

Dennis ran out onto the street. “I wish that a tornado would form on Sloane Hill and move in this direction!”

“No!” Elias shouted.

The wish granting sound was heard. Dennis smiled a wicked smile and laughed manically as the ripples generated by the emerald emanated into the sky and towards Sloane Hill.

The cumulonimbus clouds that had formed from Tiffany’s wish at recess had hung over the town all day. With Dennis’s wish they grew denser and a funnel formed...

...We interrupt our usual programming to bring news of a tornado sighting to the southeast of Lawndale...”

At the Pizza King, Scarlett froze in the middle of a sentence. “What?” Tananda asked.

“Something has just happened,” Scarlett said.

“What something?” Stacy asked.

“I don’t know, but it’s something rather bad,” Scarlett said.

Daria rolled her eyes.

“You may scoff, Daria, but something has happened!” Tananda stated.

“Are you sure?” Daria asked. She may have been involved in strange events at school that day, but she was sceptical about anything else supernatural.

“I don’t know where to begin, but if Scarlett says that something bad is happening, I know that something is going on,” Tananda said vehemently.

“Um, guys,” Jane said nervously from where she stood near the window.

“What is it, Jane?” Daria asked as she got up.

“Look at that!” Jane said, pointing in the distance.
The group all ran over to the windows. Daria was the first to notice the funnel.

‘Uh oh!”

“Oh no!” Stacy said, and fainted. Tananda caught her as she fell.

“Yes, that’s the bad thing!” Scarlett said, with her eyes wide.

“There is nothing we can do against that!” Tananda said.

“And Quinn may be in the middle of it!” Daria said.

“I agree,” Tom said.

Jane turned to Tananda. “There is something we can do about it!” she said.

“You mean find the emerald and unwish it?” Tananda asked.

“Um, yeah,” Jane said.

“That is a long shot, Jane. We still don’t know where the emerald is. Nor do we know where, Jean, Quinn, Sandi or Elias are,” Daria said.

“Good point,” Jane said.

“Guys,” Scarlett said.

“Going in the direction of that tornado would not be a good idea,” Tananda said as she placed Stacy onto a pair of seats.

“That’s obvious,” Tom said.

“Guys!”Scarlett said, louder than before.

“Yeah?” Daria said, turning back.

“The tornado is coming in this direction!” Scarlett said.

“Uh oh!” Jane said.

“Right, we may need to go somewhere else!” Tananda suggested.

“My place?” Jane suggested.

“I guess so,” Daria said.

“Let’s go,” Tom said.

They quickly arranged to leave, with Scarlett and Tananda carrying Stacy to Trent’s car.

The Settlement
The parents were continuing to discuss their plans when a text message came to Andrew Landon’s cell phone.

Andrew looked at it.


WLND Report; Tornado sighted south east of Lawndale. It is moving in the direction of the centre of town.

“What is it, Dad?” Jodie asked, seeing the concern on her father’s face.

Andrew cleared his throat. “According to the news, there is a tornado coming!”

“Tornado!?” Helen stated. ‘Who would wish for something like that!?’

Almost immediately the parents began to run around in panic.

Jodie put her hand to her forehead. ‘That’s great! The adults are panicking!’

“Tornaaado?” Tiffany said, confused. Then she realised “Oooh nooo! Some one wiiishing for thaaat? Sooo wrong!”

“Oh, Anastasia, why didn’t I let you get a cell phone? Where are you? Where are you? Where are you?” Elizabeth said, as she ran about in panic.

Helen, however, was not so panicked. “Elizabeth, calm down!” She could see that her daughter’s friend’s mother was not listening, so she grabbed her shoulders and shook her slightly. “Elizabeth, get a hold of yourself!”

The shaking brought Elizabeth out of her panic. “Thanks, Helen. I needed that, but I don’t know where Anastasia is!”

“I’m sure Daria has the sense to stay away from the Tornado,” Helen said.

“I hope so,” Elizabeth said. “I mean, I all know about Daria is that Quinn thinks she’s weird, which could mean anything.”

“Yes,” Helen said, sighing.

Morgendorffer Consulting
Jake Morgendorffer was bored, he had finished his latest proposal for one of his clients an hour before, and was playing two deck Solitaire.

Then the news about the tornado came onto the radio. “Gaaggghh, Tornado! Here? But Lawndale is nowhere near Tornado Alley!”

He ran to the window and looked out. He saw the funnel in the distance.

He then went to the phone and dialled his wife’s cell number.

Cedars of Lawndale
“That’s not good,” Jennifer said when she heard the radio.
Immediately, both Agent’s beepers beeped. Agent Bell turned to her daughter. “I’m afraid I have to go, honey,” she said.

“I understand,” Kristen said.

“We’ll be back as soon as we can,” Agent Leung said. Both kissed their daughter on the cheek before waving and heading out.

“I’m not sure what they can do about the tornado,” Kristen murmured.

“You want me to call your brother?” Jennifer asked.

“Sure,” Kristen said.

Cindy moved closer as Jennifer left to find a payphone. “I hope it isn’t anywhere near the hospital,” she said.

“The radio said, the south east, so I guess not,” Kristen said.

“Yeah,” Cindy said.

Varmittan Palace-Tree
“Tornado?” the Emporer asked.

“Yes, Sire, a tornado. It is approaching the centre of Lawndale from the south-east.”

The Emperor rose from his throne and walked to the edge of the Palace-Tree’s mid-canopy viewing deck. From that vantage-point he could see the supercell in the distance, although not the tornado itself. “I hope that this is unrelated to the genie issue,” he said.

“The likelihood of that would be low, Sire.”

“I’m aware of that!”

Jean was at the Griffin residence having an afternoon snack. She noticed the emerald granting Dennis’s wish in her absence. ‘That’s not good, Dennis Monk!’ she thought. She decided to remain where she was for the time being though.

She went upstairs to the guest room, where she had slept the night before, and looked to the east. Over the roof of one of the neighbouring houses (she noticed the 513 on the mailbox), she saw the funnel. ‘Cannot be more than an F1,’ she thought, thankful that Dennis didn’t specify intensity. She then saw Linda pull into the driveway. Something seemed to be happening.

Jean came down the stairs as Linda opened the door. “Jean, do you know if Sandi is here? There is a report about a tornado.”

“I don’t know where she is. She could be anywhere in Lawndale. But what about Sam and Chris?”

“They are at friend’s houses for the afternoon, in areas of Lawndale away from where the tornado appears to be going. I have to look for Sandi,” Linda said with slight concern for her daughter.

“That would be a good idea,” Jean said.

Linda just stared at Jean briefly before going upstairs. She soon came down and left in a rush. ‘I guess that I have the house to myself,’ she thought.
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