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Re: Does It Get Better???

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If you really think Kim acted the same at the end as at the beginning, you're just not seeing what's there. It's easier to miss since Kim was a minor character.
So...what's there, exactly?

A Vulcan changing is pretty much rewriting the concept.
Based on what? Spock underwent a pretty dramatic change in the movies -- and I'm not talking about his (temporary) death.

Chakotay had no real function after the electronic religion was dropped, and essentially became a minor character too.
The fact that the character has one distinguishing characteristic doesn't speak well to his development.

Expecting the captain to share an emotional life, given the hierarchical nature to Starfleet the show premised, is ludicrous. Janeway's role was fixed and that fixed what we saw. It wasn't as exciting as Sisko's character gyrations but much more realistic. Which is pretty much the real animus against Voyager, I think.
Sisko had his relationship with his son, which was richer than any relationship Janeway had, but that dynamic was obviously not possible on Star Trek: Voyager. Of course, Sisko also had an interesting relationship with his first officer, and had Dax as a best friend. On Star Trek: Voyager, Janeway's relationship with her first officer whittled away to nothing by the fourth season, and her relationship with Tuvok could only be developed when the writers let Tim Russ be on screen -- something that didn't happen nearly as often as it should.
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