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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

DOFF - Another of my characters got a Renown DOFF. This was a blue Shield Distribution Officer so it appears that the specialization is random.

Q's Winter Wonderland - I ignored this for a long time but after seeing someone run around ESD with a Federation scarf, I'm trying to get them for all characters. Two characters have them currently. Tips for winning the race - You are running against a hologram. Just take off after the starter say '"2".

Crafting - Three of my characters now have complete Aegis sets. If you craft during the Crafting event, there is a 20% savings on Nonreplicatable material.

Omega Force - Jasmine received an invite when she made BG (RALH); however, the mission says that she was not eligible for the mission when she got it. If I drop the mission, will it be reoffered at a higher level? Thanks.
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