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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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They disappear when the event ends. Probably just a coincidence that another player usedan ability on you at the same moment.
Well that good to know, but doesn't apply in this case as it was in the middle of the event. And these were all data samples that were collected during the current event. Thanks

Interesting enough another incident happened in Q's Winter Wonderland. My character had 9 data samples in inventory. There were a few players running around using their abilities (healing, cover shields, etc...) A guy approached my character, my character flashed blue and data samples started disappearing, one at a time. The chat log said "you used a data sample" 9 times. The person disappeared and I couldn't locate him. I'm starting to think now that he didn't 'steal' the data samples, but that he triggered the routine that removes them from inventory when the event is finished. The routine obviously has some bugs if it's allowing my characters to keep data samples after the event.
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