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Re: The Improving the JJprise thread

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The just cause it looks cool premisse isnīt that bad, and is a part of the game even today. Not all those lines, curves and other details placed on modern cars and edifications, for example, are really necessary. Design is a part of the game, is part of what make us to buy this or that. So, I believe the same can be applyed to starfleet vessels. Of course that designs are a personal choice, so, what is beatifull for one, isnīt for the other.
Hell, that's how the Excelsior was designed. I mentioned to Bill George that I knew people who asked what certain details were for on the Excelsior, and his reply was "It looked cool. That's why." It's not the Andy Probert approach, at all, but some people like the results.
I think you're actually quoting Starship from this link.
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