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Re: Sign in the new petition for Bring Back Janeway, please!

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Disagree, it really would depend on the person.
If someone has difficulty getting over a fictional event then they really need to get their priorities straightened out. In fact, nothing that happens in fiction should require "moving on".

Its just bizarre that any sane individual could get so emotionally invested in fictional characters that this would even be necessary. A colleague that I worked with used to be a big fan of Soap Operas and involved in that fandom. She enjoyed the whole thing but drew a line between her love of the stories and characters and the creepy obsessiveness of some corners of fandom. She would tell me tales of the women that got so emotionally invested in the "lives" of the characters theta they would forget that it was all fiction and that the actors were just doing a job.

I find it sad how invested some folks get over things that aren't real. Janeway is not some heroic trailblazer...she's just a character someone made up to tell stories. Save the hero worship for real people who do inspiring things in the real world.
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